Friday, 2 October 2009

Mummies' World

I'll never forget my first time in creche. All 15 of them (those Giants called toddlers) were bawling simultaneously whilst Bean and I were having a quiet little feed in the corner, trying to blend into the background. It was like my first day at Big School, except this was Little School and it was scary.

Becoming a Mummy throws you (kicking and screaming?!) into a whole new world, so far from The Office and all that is grown up, clean and orderly. But now, hey, bring it on! I'm finding my feet in my world and I like it - new friends, new places, new stuff to do - like being a first year student but without the essays.

But today is also a big day, as it's my first day in the unknown Blogosphere and I'm feeling a sense of trepidation. Will I make any cyberfriends? Will other Mummy Bloggers offer me tea and a biscuit? Will this new world welcome me too?

Hello, I'm a Mummy In Training and this is 16 week-old Bean. Nice to be here.

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