Wednesday, 7 October 2009

4 Months of Deliciousness

At one month my Bean was weeny and light,
All wrinkled and hairy and crying at night.

At two months his smile was beginning to show,
and his eyes seeing people he wanted to know.

At three months his arms and his legs waved about,
accompanied well with a squeak and a shout.

Now at four months his giggles just fill me with joy,
He's simply delicious, my four month old boy.


  1. Congratulations! Little L is 6 months today. It's just getting better and better.

  2. This is wonderful and it took me back - mine is a great big 3year old giant in comparison and as for his eldest brother gargantua. But they are still my babies, though of course I cannot say that in public! I've come over all broody again...:)

  3. What a beautiful little boy. Little Lily also known as "Bean" funnily enough has just turned 6 months. Every day she seems to learn something new and its just magical. Keep enjoying every second.