Sunday, 4 October 2009

Family party survival - help needed

Today's big Family Do was Bean's first time on show to the aunts, uncles, cousins and general hangers-on of the extended family variety. He's a chilled-out contented little chap and at 4 months is now very obliging with smiles and gurgles, so I was looking forward to showing him off.

What a nightmare. There were 45 of us in a small semi in Mill Hill; on arrival he started wailing at the sight of the assembled rabble and that was it - all afternoon, non stop, wailing. I resorted to the 4pm feed sat in the car, which took half an hour of negotiations to get him to latch on. I know it's silly, but I felt that everyone will now think he just cries all the time, when he really genuinely isn't like that normally! Honest! I tried to look all chilled and calm about the whole thing but I just wanted to cry myself.

Next weekend we face the prospect of a 70th birthday party in a pub and I'm dreading it. Aagghh! Does anyone have any advice on how to survive these family dos with a small baby?! And how do you do it with more than one child?! Advice from veteran Mummies gratefully received...

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  1. It is difficult to introduce your baby to a big group especially if it is full of people who want to poke him and hold him, smile, kiss him and all sorts of things. The first thing I would like to say, is "don't care what others think". Honestly whether your baby does one thing or another there will always be someone with an opinion and they will want to let you know. You are only starting to get to know your baby and yourself as a mum, but you will see that soon you will ooze with confidence!
    When you are in a group, try first and foremost to put yourself and your baby comfortable. Do whatever it takes to get to that point where you feel relaxed. Be firm with people and if it is your little boy nap time, just get people to back off (in a nice way of course :)) The more you are relaxed the more your baby will feel relaxed. Also you could try to keep him in a sling during the event. It might make him more comfortable and relaxed. He might have felt daunted by the crowed and that could help him.
    Whatever happens try to ignore what the others might think. Concentrate on how YOU feel and on what you think is right. Good luck with the birthday bash!